Seeking the best meals For One.

All for one

Eating alone is almost always a great experience. The solo-diner enjoys oft decreased wait times, nicer staff, and the peaceful solitude of dining however they please! Relax and people watch or bring some headphones and pop on a Netflix show, whatever you do it's your choice. That said, the solo-diner faces a unique set of obstaclee obstacles. Grocery stores, restraunts, food manufacturers, none of them create with the solo-diner in mind. This blog aims to find and share great ways to eat alone, whether it's ingredients sized to not go bad, or restruants with portions and experiences that have that extra solo-diner sparkle.


Our Blog

Some of us like to enjoy a solo meal! This blog is a space to detail my experiences eating both out and at home as a single diner- hoping to find the best meals For One.